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Mizuno Wellness Motoyama Newly opened fitness studio in Kobe for women only. In addition to studio programmes including dance and yoga classes, they offer circuit training and CO2 bath therapy to promote beauty and health.
yoga space cocolo A women only yoga studio in Sakai area. They offer various yoga classes.
Workshop Space Roots Regular yoga classes are offered in a comfortable and enjoyable space.
The studio is also available for hire.

Dan's Yoga

A website by my yoga buddy and fellow Ashtangi. A really nice guy who is originally from the States, but has been living in Japan for many years. He speaks fluent Japanese and teaches Ashtanga Yoga in Tokyo.
Find the Balance A website by my fellow yoga teacher based in London.
Apart from yoga, she offers a range of treatments such as reflexology and holistic massage.
If you ever visit London, why don't you pamper yourself with one of her fantastic treatments or try her yoga class?
Yutaro Yutaro produces music for daredemoyoga.
His warm and relaxing sound suits our concept to a t :)
natsuko-koumuten A website by a very talented lady who has designed this site.
She does flyers, business cards and T-shirts as well.
Her T-shirts are seriously cute! Check them out!